Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ang Bisikleta ni Momon (Momon And His Old Bike)

Author: Rebecca T. Anonuevo

Illustrator: Jo Ann A. Bereber

Publisher: Adarna Book Services, Ince (Quezon City, Philippines)

Main Characters: Momon, old bike

This is a story about a little kid named Momon who envies his neighborhood friends because of their brand new bikes. Since his bike is rusty and old, nobody wants to play with him. One day he remembers the fun and exciting years with his old bike. He realizes that his old bike is still usable and it has sentimental value for him.

This bilingual book illustrates how a person treasures an old object because of its sentimental value. It advises the readers not to yearn for new things. What really matters is its use and how it became part of one's life.

Its is a nice story.


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Rizha said...

Snappy, I like your photo blogs and this one as well...keep up the good work! Oh, and I love those Adarna books...I'm putting the link in both of my blogs :-)