Friday, August 28, 2009

Sundalong Patpat (Thin Soldier)

Author: Virgilio Almario

Illlustrator: Ferdinand R. Doctolero

Publisher: Adarna Book Services, Inc

Main Character: soldier

This Filipino children's book is about a wooden soldier who shows his bravery by bringing the rain back to his town. No matter how difficult it is, he never gave up and tried his best to finish the task.

This book aims to inspire children especially those who are thin and small. Being courageous and responsible are highlighted in this story. It shows that intrinsic qualities of a person are better than physical appearance.

It has out of the ordinary illustrations and it is available in two languages (Filipino and English). Young readers will surely enjoy the adventures of this thin wooden soldier.



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Well I love the name patpat, it's got a great ring to it.LOL