Friday, August 7, 2009

Snow, Glass, Apples

Author: Neil Gaiman

Main Characters:
Snow White


"Snow, Glass, Apples" is the retelling of the famous fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs from the point of view of the wicked stepmother of Snow White. In this story, the stepmother was illustrated as a wise queen who wants nothing but to rule a kingdom undisturbed by turmoil and iniquity. On the other hand, Snow White was described as a sinful blood sucker who killed her own father. To put an end to the young princess' immorality and vileness, the responsible queen killed her but then a prince came and brought her to life.

Two words that will describe this story: bloody and beautiful.

It is bloody because it tackles sex, incest, cannibalism, and witchcraft. These subjects were described by the author in graphic details so this is definitely not for young readers.

It is beautiful because Neil Gaiman wonderfully twisted the original story by giving the queen a chance to explain or present her side by narrating the story. From the queen's narration, we discovered that Snow White is a vampire who had sexual intercourse with her own father who was later on killed by Snow White by sucking his blood. The prince, on the other hand, is a necrophiliac that is why he fell in love with a corpse. The queen is not that bad because she has a good intention for killing Snow White.

Favorite Quote:
"They will have my body, but my soul and my story are my own, and will die with me." - queen

Bloody beautiful. Not for children!

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heyyy. i just read coraline by neil gaiman alsoo. :) it's niiiice. thank you for visiting my site. cool reviews. :)