Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Story of Love

Author: Ray Bradbury

Main Characters:
Ann Taylor - Teacher
Bob Spaulding - Student

This short story is about love between a teacher and her student and how they tried to resolve their conflict about their age gap.

It depicts how society and social norms can influence people in making decisions. Ann Taylor thought of what people might say or react if they would find out that she has a romantic involvement with her student who is ten years younger than her. Age does matter in a relationship. Morever, Ann is a teacher and she is not allowed to have an affair with him since he is a student. It would be against the Code of Ethics of Teachers. She chose her career over love.

The ending of the story is unforeseen. After two years when Bob left, Ann died and the author did not explain the details of the cause of Ann's death. He just left that hanging for the readers to ponder. On the other hand, after sixteen years, Bob got married. One might think that Bob's feelings for the teacher was only an infatuation but after sixteen years, he married a girl who is exactly the same as her.

Favorite Quote:
"I'll never forget you. I'll find a way of never forgetting you." - Bob Spaulding



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